The hardest client is the one that doesn’t want to be liked by everyone

Ever since it was founded, McCann Zagreb has been placed, by all parameters, among the ranks of the best agencies in Croatia, and for the last three or four years it has been at the very top of them. At the IdejaX competition held in Rovinj last April, McCann Zagreb was named the best agency in Croatia. Apart from that, the agency’s team celebrated a victory at the Effie Awards, which rewards the efficiency of the campaigns. Two years ago, they were named the most efficient agency in the region.

They mostly blame their upward success trajectory on their systemic work with people, but also on the restructuring within the agency processes. They strive to be extremely professional and look like a reliable partner which understands the needs of the clients. Once you gain their trust you become not only the simple executor of orders, but a co-creator of business decisions and of positive business results. They see the fact that their industry colleagues gave this award to them as a validation that they have made creative solutions which were evaluated, in accordance to their beliefs, in relation to the average of the industry, which is a sign that they are doing their job well.

They also do humanitarian campaigns. They partnered up with the “Zajednički put” foundation for the making of the “Superseniors” campaign, whose goal was to raise the public’s awareness to the problem of social integration of elderly people. For that campaign they were awarded the bronze medal of IdejeX. “The award itself for this campaign doesn’t matter. What matters is that it reached its goals. More concretely, it educated people and raised awareness to the problem of elderly people’s place in our society. We will keep answering the calls of all foundations so that we can help as much as we can”, emphasized Daniel Vuković, the Creative Director of McCann Zagreb.

In his opinion, the legendary platform Priceless, which was made for MasterCard, left the biggest mark. It gave a “cold” financial product a set of emotional values which still live in people’s minds. Speaking locally, the campaigns which left the biggest mark are the ones they did for their biggest clients, Croatian Telekom, MasterCard, Coca-Cola, HEP, Raiffeisen Bank, Pan, Francko, and Podravka. The last one that made a huge mark was the HEP campaign, for sponsoring Croatian sport, with a remix of the song „To my beautiful Croatia“.

The digital age in marketing has brought upon some big changes, but as a platform it has only touched the surface, he explains. “We are yet to see the real changes, because if you look back and see just what big of a road digital technologies have made in the last 10 years, you realize that it is impossible to foresee the future of advertising. Still, some formats, like display commercial, are slowly dying and are being replace by new ones. And what is surely going to mark the near future is the rise in the quality and price of digital advertising itself”, Tomislav Presečki, Director of McCann Zagreb, says.

I&F McCann Grupa jedan je od vodećih komunikacionih sistema koji 20 godina uspešno posluje u 12 zemlja jugo istočne Evrope i nordijske regije. Naš posvećen tim čini 600 talentovanih profesionalaca, koji svakodnevno sarađuju na integraciji marketinških kampanja, promotivnih aktivnosti, organizaciji događaja, dizajnu, planiranju i zakupu medijskog prostora, PR, produkciji, komunikaciji u oblasti zdravstva, kreiranju TV sadržaja,kao i na svim formama digitalnog marketinga. Agencije koje posluju u okviru I&F McCann Grupe deo su McCann Worldgroup (,jedne od najvećih svetskih agencijskih mreža,osnovane 1902.godine koja posluje u više od 120 zemalja sveta, i u vlasništvu je Interpublic Group (IPG) ( sa sedištem u Njujorku.