Kelvin company, a client of the SDG agency, received an award at the prestigious DOGA festival
Our colleagues at Challenge forum 2023
Pavle Banović in Novembar gallery
Interview with Jana Savić Rastovac, Executive Creative Director, McCann Beograd
From Generation X to Generation Z: Four Women, Four Stories, One Agency
Adrienn Ujhazi in Novembar gallery
Another Grand Prix for Mastercard and McCann Beograd Superheroes!
Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade presented a luxurious reissue of one of the most influential rock albums of the former Yugoslavia, "Defense and Last Days" by the Belgrade band Idoli.
Group exhibition in November gallery
Grand Prix "Campaigns with a Purpose" for Superhero project
Grand Prix and four Kaktus awards for McCann Beograd, Mastercard and Infostud!
Exhibition of Goran and Srdjan Vejvoda in gallery November
Danka Trbojević and Jana Savić Rastovac participants in panel discusion on occasion of the 10th anniversary of marketing network
Vesna Vlašić and Nermina Kelić in the jury of the woman.comm conference
First I&F Pub Quiz was held
McCann Worldgroup best agency network according to Effie index for 2021 for the fourth consecutive time
Grand LIA for "Eat a Swede"
Polygon in Novembar Gallery
Advertising for beginners
Golden Gerety for Eat a Swede
Jubilee season of Potera with record prizes
Our colleagues in action for a better world - um impact day
Opening of the "Dear boss" exhibition in November gallery
Besa TV Series nominated in 7 out of 8 categories at Sarajevo Film Festival
Group exhibition in November Gallery
McCann Stockholm, a member of the I&F Grupa, won the Grand Prix at the Festival of Creativity for the "Eat a Swede" campaign
McCann Stockholm, a member of the I&F Grupa, won the cannes silver lion in the Health and Wellness category
Effie for The Coca-Cola Company, McCann Beograd and UM Beograd in the Media Innovation category
Mixx Awards Grand Prix for McCann Beograd, Drive and modern Superheroes!
Exhibition of Darja Bajagić "Crucio" in the November Gallery
13 recognitions for McCann Beograd at UEPS awards ceremony
Meet Dimitrije Krnjajski, Regional Strategic Director of UM SEE
Stine Cecilie Holst new senior art director McCann Copenhagen
Vladimir Lalić "frontiers of decrepitude" Galerija Novembar
Brana Pantic and his journey to Copenhagen
Challenge 2022 leaders forum
McCann Zagreb won silver and bronze idejaX award at communication days
Danka Trbojevic member of the jury Effie Awards Serbia 2022
Meet the young talents Lana Krsul and Tomislav Vranjkovic
„Buzzing of matter“ artist in Novembar Gallery
Meet the new account manager McCann Oslo
Branka Batricevic in the jury of IAB Europe MIXX awards
Zdravko Kevrešan appointed creative director of Drive agency
The quiz Potera enters its 10th season in a big way!
Katarina Robeli managing director, UM Zagreb
I&G Grupa at the "Practice days"
Opening of the exhibition " A(r)tlantis " in November Gallery
Reinforcements in McCann Copenhagen team
McCann Sarajevo in the top 3 most desirable employers
New senior strategy director Mccann Stockholm agency
Colleague selection: the best campaigns
New vs. Old Wecann
Magna Global report
Unicorn automates all media agency processes
Polaris at the Data Science Conference
Group show in Novembar gallery
FEFA discusion: guest Srđan Šaper
SDG won a diploma at the Årets vakreste Bøker for Patent
The premiere of Besa series won over audience at the gala premiere
Winners of “Campaign with a Purpose” announced
Lokomotiva has a new Instagram account
Cooperation between FEFA University and I&F Grupa
KAKTUS 2021 Awards
Zaptec wins Red Dot Award
Creative power as a support of equality of love
Third Golden Drum Adriatic in a row for McCann Beograd
Plaques awarded to friends and partners of the 54th and 55th Bitef
McCann Skopje partner of the Manaki Festival
The HR sector of Delhaize Serbia is again a client of McCann Beograd
The new season of Potera quiz begins
Silje M. Storhaug new director of SDG
"Besa 2" filming continued in Estonia
Tom Oreskovic new generation e-commerce platform
Genta Hodo on Top Albania Radio
How has advertising reshaped the modern art of design?
UM Impact day
Zdravko Kevresan and Deni Catovic in the jury of the "SoMo Borac" festival
The production team visits Besa series team
Lokomotiva and SentecaCommerce partners in 12 markets
Magna Global reveals how the advertising market is changing
“LIFE ON THE EDGE OF THE FUTURE” Announced 54/55. Bitef from 13 to 25 September
Zdravko Kevresan jury member of Kaktus Festival
UEPS awards for McCann Beograd and clients Bambi, The Coca-Cola Company, MAXI, Pride, Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, and LiceUlice
Danka Trbojevic and Nikola Papak jury members at Mark Awards
Saper Foundation supported the publication of a book by Dusan Spasojevic
Prestigious Effie Awards for The Coca-Cola Company, Koncern “BAMBI”, Da Se Zna! and McCann and UM Beograd
One Show for Creativity Merit for McCann Beograd
McCann Zagreb wins awards at the Communication Day Event
Vesna Vlasic Jusupovic at the Festival of Contemporary Woman
SDG wins awards at the EDA festival
IAB MIXX Grand Prix for “Thank you, doctors” and McCann Beograd
McCann Beograd and SDG in the finals of the One Show Awards
I&F Grupa continues to cooperate with faculties
Nermina Masala Kelic “There is a thin line between creativity and data”
Marija Vićić: The Influence of Netflix
McCann Zagreb campaigns among the finalists of the Effie Awards 2021
Tea Korolija reveals everything about Besa 2
Gold for SDG and clients Fagbokforlaget, Det Andre Teatret, and Fremtind at the Visuelt Festival
McCann Beograd among Top 25 most successful agencies promoting good
Branka Batricevic in the jury of MIXX awards at Digital Day Lite
"Thank you, doctors" campaign nominated for "The One Club for Creativity"
Ivan Celebic new Managing Director at UM Zagreb
Jana and Milja discuss whether commercials are changing the world
New Creative Director at McCann Stockholm
"Breathing space" at Novembar gallery
SDG Nominated for the 100th Edition of the ADC Awards
McCann Beograd and UM Beograd in the finals at Effie Awards
Front page of Nedeljnik's supplement "Energy Today" for International Earth Day
Cooperation of I&F Grupa and Belgrade faculties
Branka Batricevic in the jury of European IAB MIXX awards
Chronicle of Time: an exhibition of photographs by Goranka Matic
Agency work: how much is it respected, how much is it valued and when to ask for more?
New Managing Director at McCann Helsinki
Katarina Pribicevic and Aleksandar Djordjevic jury members at the Effie Awards in Serbia
Magazine Nedeljnik and McCann Beograd marked the anniversary of the beginning of the pandemic
McCann Worldgroup Europe EMEA Creative Network of the Year 2020
Daniel Vukovic member of the jury of the IdejaX festival
Vesna Vlasic Jusupovic for Kongres Magazin: High tech or high touch
Solo exhibition of Olivera Parlic in the November gallery
McCann Beograd Named The Best Agency in The Region
Norwegian Red Cross won one-year free outdoor advertising in cooperation with McCann Oslo
"The Truth About Doctors" provides answers to the changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic
RTS show "Oko" - Srdjan Saper about Sava Sumanovic
"The Calvert Journal" published an article on the occasion of 40 years of golden Ex-Yu bands
Special recognition for the I&F Grupa and the “Thank you doctors” campaign
The award for innovation at the leading Norwegian design festival "DOGA"
Iva Bokšić, McCann Zagreb, jury member at the Effie Awards in Croatia
Besa from now on on RTL Adria
McCann named "European Agency Network of the Year" 2020 by the Effie Awards Europe
McCann Beograd Agency of the Year 2020 at UEPS
Golden EPICA Award for the “Thank You, Doctors” campaign
Our experts in Skopje lecturers at a Digital Marketing Training
The best commercials in 2020, chosen by our colleagues
Filming of the second season of BESA series has begun
Special recognition LOCKDOWN integrated campaign for “Thank you, doctors”
COVID-19 has significantly increased the usage of social media
PR during the Coronavirus crisis: Adjusted communication for the survival of the brands
Superhero doctors winners of the "ACT Responsible" award in the COVID 19 category
Great success of McCann agencies at the BalCannes festival
Gold certificate of credit excellence for McCann Beograd
Adrian Wollum Hansen new member of SDG team
McCann Health Nordic hired two specialists
McCann Beograd and I&F Grupa supporting Bitef
Danka Trbojević at a panel discussion organized by IAB Serbia
Branka Batričević member of the MIXX Awards Europe jury
Katarina Kostić moderated the panel "Road to Recovery" within #AdCast
McCann Copenhagen – Truths at 2 meters
Women Leaders
McCann Helsinki’s Annukka Puttonen in Kiev Jury
Consumer behavior after the Covid-19 crisis
Scandinavian Design Group launched Action Lab and SDG LIVE
SDG won 2 Merit Awards at The ADC Annual Awards
Promotions at McCann Copenhagen
Vanda Kučera participated in a panel dedicated to PR profession during and after the pandemic
Vladimir Ćosić - In times of crisis, is creativity necessarily in crisis?
Annuka Puttonen juror at The Gerety Awards
(Almost) everything you always wanted to know about tech during and post Corona time
If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it
McCann Beograd is the best in the region
McCann Helsinki among the finalists for the Agency of the Year (Årets Byrå) award
McCann Stockholm growing the team and the client portfolio
Novembar gallery shortlisted for Politika's 2019 Best Exhibition Award
The Besa TV show gets an international remake
How brands can find their meaningful roles in a world turned upside down
Tomica Oreskovic: Digital Transformation 2.0
Two awards for Nordea and McCann Helsinki
McCann Beograd Agency of the year 2019 at UEPS awards
Grand Sempler and two Golden Semplers for UM Beograd at the SEMPL festival
Mindscapes training in Belgrade
November gallery at the International Art Fair in Turin
Dragana Markovic participated in the conference "The Right Measure of Media 2.0"
UM Zagreb and H&M could be in the Guinness Book of Records
Danka Trbojevic new MD at Agency Drive
New team members at UM Zagreb
SDG among the awarded Technology and Design Agencies
Vanda Kučera participated in the conference "The Art of Communication"
McCann Beograd Agency of the Year in Serbia
SoMo Borac Digital mix for Exit and Drive
Great success of I&F Grupa at Balcannes
Kris Lunde starts as a creative technologist at Scandinavian Design Group
Jana Savić Rastovac in LIA 2019 Jury
Dubravka Urošević coordinator of Media module at Academiaa 2019
McCann Copenhagen upgrading with a new creative director
Helene Devold starts as Experience Designer in Scandinavian Design Group
The new WAVE is here!
I&F Grupa the new creative partner to Bitef Festival
Katarina Pribićević jury member of the festival Kaktus 2019
Zdravko Kevrešan member of the SoMo Borac 2019 jury
Amerikalinjen and Scandinavian Design Group won silver at European Design Awards
Novembar gallery on the pages of famous magazines CURA and FLASH ART
Jovana Petrović Head of Digital at UM Beograd
Mario Lovrić at the conference "Marketing & Sales by Numbers"
Deni Ćatović, Universal Media Sarajevo: I didn’t choose Digital, Digital chose me
Natalija Runcheva, Universal Media Skopje: There where innovation and experience meet, success is inevitable
The Explorer launched at Berlin’s GreenTech festival
Anne Mary Brady will reveal what makes Norway the leader of sustainability
#Unwanted voted best in the Communication in the non-profit sector category at PRIZNANJE 2019
Vanda Kučera member of the Governing Board of the Serbian branch of IAA
Award for McCann Beograd and Drive at IAB Mixx Awards
Student practice is an opportunity for both students and companies
Regional meeting of creative directors at SEE McCann agencies held in Zagreb
Meet our young lions
Marija Vičić in the jury of Young Lions Bosnia and Herzegovina
SDG Oslo and Fauna up for European Design Awards
Relja Jović in the IAB MIXX award jury
Nina Jocić: There is no better job than the one you truly love
UM Zagreb the best-ranked media agency according to Effie Index
Agency Drive sponsor of the Digital Day conference
Gold for SDG at Visuelt 2019
Great success of I&F marathoners
Ines Kalinić: Everything was way more static before
Busy April at UM Podgorica
Luka Ličina among the lecturers at DMI
Rosa and McCann Beograde in #bebabiragde - support for breastfeeding in public
Being a mentor is a universal task for all of us
Support for Earth Hour
McCann Zagreb and Konzum won gold at Effie
LBBs' 5 minutes with… Josefine Richards
McCann Worldgroup Europe "Advertising Agency Network of the Year"
Our representatives at the Google Executive Summit
Iva Bokšić is the new Director Of Strategic Planning at McCann Zagreb
Towards the Effie Serbia 2019 festival
McCann Beograd at the FONklame Marketing Festival
Big regional digital training
DRIVE McCANN – Merging the Best of Two Worlds
Best Super Bowl ads chosen by our creative directors
McCann Health Nordic: Talking to children about cancer
Support for the media in the Balkans
Josefine Richards joins McCann Stockholm
Kristina Jovanović part of the Grand Jury at NYF Advertising Awards
Jagoš Marković: Letter to my younger self
Alena Kulenović Delić: Certain piece of news is not for all the media
Awarded campaigns for mts, Coca-Cola, MAXI, Mastercard and #Unwanted
A creative person must never sacrifice his/her own artistic integrity
#Unwanted best in the category of works that make the world a better place
How far will you go to protect your family?
Gold for #Unwanted and the innovative use of media at the SEMPL festival
Mario Lovrić and Relja Jović participated in DAMconf 2018
Awards for Coca-Cola and mts campaigns at the Kaktus Festival
Rockets and Rebels Internal Training
Time To Take Responsibility
McCann Podgorica and McCann Beograd won Golden Drum Adriatic
Dunja Hasanović at the 2018 Hungary GC Summit
I told myself "Be patient" and my teeth were cracking
Vesna Vlašić Jusupović: Brave are those who know what they want
Jana Savić: Purchasing power is dictating dreams
Do people change?
Vanja Grbić: Letter to my younger self
IPG Mediabrands the world's second in gaining new business
Sparkles of pride for McCann Podgorica - "Iskra" in Hollywood
Marija Ivančić: We will see the real consequences of GDPR in a few years
Srđan Šaper: On the other side of the "box"
Students from all over the world were guests of I&F Grupa and Bitef
McCann Beograd and UM Beograd’s The Red Thread best project at BalCannes
Reinforcement for the I&F Grupa team
I&F Grupa at Weekend Media Festival
I&F Grupa continues to support the prestigious theater festival Bitef
SDG Oslo won silver in Pentawards
Management students visit
Zdravko Kevrešan: Real Virtuality
McCann Stockholm new partner of energy giant E.ON
McCann Oslo presented "Truth About Global Brands 2: Powered by the Streets" in Norway
The leaders of professional associations met in Ljubljana
McCann’s European Business Conference in October in Belgrade
Initiative agency most successful in winning new clients
Milena Đorić Gudurić: Have the courage to always ask for better for yourself
Daniel Vuković: Great ideas need to be simple
Vesna Vlašić Jusupović reveals how to persuade people to pay attention to a problem they’re not aware of
7 tips to get on Alexa's shopping list
I&F McCann Grupa formed a GDPR team
Only life can take away the pain
Relja Jović rejoined I&F McCann Grupa team
IPG Mediabrands SEE agencies among the leaders in Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria
Starbucks, Starbaks or Старбакс?
Johan Östlund: Three theories about how commercials work
Vedran Vereš: Brands that want to be leaders must be relevant within the culture in which they operate
Week of important conversations about the future of advertising
Macedonian marketing: The future
Marina Maljković: Letter to my younger self
Srđan Šaper on advertising today at NEM
McCann Talks: We are living the future
Success of The Coca-Cola Company, Bambi Concern and Ahold Delhaize campaigns at the second Effie Awards Serbia
SDG and McCann Stockholm launch Zlatan's new skin care products
McCann named the most effective agency network both at global and European level
Interview with Ines Kalinic, playmaker at McCann Zagreb
Belgrade hosted media professionals from Central and Eastern Europe
Srđan Šaper: Blinker
McCann Beograd takes special Merits at The One Show in New York
Marija Vićić: You can’t communicate others well if you don’t communicate the company you work for clearly, efficiently and credibly
Cris Anthony Hödar shortlisted for the prestigious international award
Calle Hägg new MD at McCann Oslo
Three MIXX awards for the digital team of McCann Beograd
Martin Lindstrom: Social Media is the new bedroom wall, powered by Drive
Letter to my Young Self: Svetozar Cvetković
See you at the Digital Day conference on May 8th and 9th
McCann Sarajevo one of the most wanted employers in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the marketing sector
Gold for #Unwanted at the McCann Worldgroup 2018 European Summit
Awards for SDG and McCann Oslo at Retaildagen festival
Filip David: Letter to my younger self
SDG awarded for packaging design
Mario Lovrić on the list of Top100 young managers in Croatia
Hana Mates mentor within the AmChamps program
UM Zagreb and Zagrebačka pivovara best at Effie Croatia third year in a row
Facebook and Google growing players in the advertising market
McCann Copenhagen wins new clients - Kildevæld and Bonaqua
UM Beograd & Coca-Cola in the finals of the prestigious festival in Rome
Lepa Brena: Letter to my younger self
Marija Vićić is the winner of the PRO PR Infigo Award
An alternative reading list
North&South meet again!
Regional meeting of IPG Mediabrands agencies in Southeast Europe
We assess the profession and the profession assesses us
The new modality of the UEPS Lifetime Achievement Award
Getinge launches first global campaign
The first platform to encompass the entire investment potential of the region!
Hello Adriatic - meeting of creative leaders of the region
President of McCann Worldgroup for Europe visits McCann Zagreb
Big reinforcement joins creative department at Mccann Zagreb
I&F McCann Grupa at the regional forum of communication leaders
McCann Beograd and McCann Oslo finalists of The One Show
Tijana Škorić Tomić on the list of women who promote the social scene in Serbia
I&F McCann Grupa supported the international conference "Serbian (Yugoslav) – British Relations from the 19th to the 21st centuries"
B report: A great year for McCann agencies at the regional level
New organizational structure of McCann agencies within I&F McCann Grupa
Ljiljana Ivošević: It's all about the Moments
Vladimir Ćosić member of the jury of the 27th Slovenian Advertising Festival
Nermina Kelić participated at the CEO Academy
Irina Maja: Simple and honest communication is essential for real-time marketing THE BEST OF 2017: DANIEL VUKOVIĆ
Mario Lovrić on the Effie Croatia Awards 2018 expert jury
McCann Beograd and McCann Zagreb among the most successful agencies in the Adriatic region
Cris Anthony Hödar new Group Creative Director in Copenhagen
Facebook Blueprint Training for all our agencies in Europe
The recipient of the message will also be segmented by lifestyle
Gold for handmade billboards and campaigns for finding new jobs
What's with the moustache in November?
The First Bitef fundraising dinner
McCann Beograd Named „Agency of the Year“ in Serbia for the Third Consecutive Year
Joint Forces to Preserve Cultural Heritage
Make Up – The Rise of the Regional Beauty Bible
Data and Creativity for Better Results
Great success of McCann agencies at the Golden Drum Festival
Coca-Cola’s First Knitted Billboard in the World!
We are always asking and seeking – that’s what Scandinavians could learn from us
Vanda Kučera at the Sustainable and Innovative Operations Seminar
An epic journey begins
The best European creatives meeting
Mobile Reaches 50% of Global Digital Advertising
Our region is more interesting to large communication groups
H&M has recognized UM Beograd and UM Zagreb as quality partners for media communication
Vanda Kučera took part in the “Women4Entrepreneurship“ panel
The thirteen most powerful words in advertising
John Wright: I count on the creativity of this part of Europe
The hardest client is the one that doesn’t want to be liked by everyone
Vanda Kučera re-elected Board member of the IAA Serbian Chapter
McCann Oslo: Music video made entirely by Citroën C3
McCann and UM Beograd the most effective agencies in Serbia at the first Effie Awards
McCann and UM are the most effective group of agencies for market communications in Croatia
Jana Savić Rastovac in the Clio jury
Vanda Kučera panelists at the conference Women of Influence
We are choosing each other and growing together
Jana Savić Rastovac in the Clio jury
Strength of creative industry is in joining forces
PRiZNANJE award for the innovative use of digital communication channels
Jana Savić Rastovac member of the Best Practice jury at the 24. Golden Drum
Agency-client relationship is the same as a marriage between a woman and a man
I&F McCann Grupa at the AmCham panel on career development in corporations
McCann Zagreb - Agency of The Year in Croatia
I&F McCann Grupa awarded for expanding into new markets
Tijana Škorić Tomić: Focusing On Quality, Best People And Pushing Boundaries
Srđan Šaper: When Balkan Passion Meets Scandinavian Simplicity
Srđan Šaper: Synergy of north and south of europe will give additional quality to I&F McCann Grupa
Vesna Vlašić Jusupović: Dreamers with a Cause
Jelena Anđelić: Eight Seconds For Us
Olivera Perković: Ideas, Intelligence and Integration
Biljana Kolaković: A Formula For Earning Trust
Tijana Škorić Tomić: Truth Well Told Is Behind Our Success
I&F McCann Grupa – the most successful agency network at BalCannes
Opinion of the Week: Marko Bojić, UM Sofia: “Seizing the attention of consumers is the key to success.”
Suela Shtylla, McCann Tirana: “We feel like we’re an important link to this colossal chain of the advertising world.”
Srđan Šaper: At any given moment, we are all always at the beginning
I&F McCann Grupa is contributing in the education of future leaders
Communications Industry as a Driving Force
Srđan Šaper - Biography

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