We are choosing each other and growing together

In the year when I&F McCann Grupa celebrates its 20 year anniversary, under the “Strength of the people” slogan, it is continuing to support the development of young talents, as well as the exchange of experiences in the communication industry. For us, it is a good opportunity to meet young people who are thirsty for knowledge, and help them discover their potentials, profile themselves, build their expertise and accomplish their goals. Since the very beginning, I&F McCann Grupa has been a pool for knowledge and talents, as evidenced by 1.000 people which have been a part of our system, which today play an important role in the development of the creative industry, as well as some other fields.

The reputation of our company and all its agencies as an environment where you can learn a lot from people which are the best at what they do, has led to the fact that colleges and student organisations are constantly calling us to meet their students. It gives us a chance to share our experiences with them, present our internship program and update them on a regular basis about the new internship positions. We tell students about how I&F McCann Grupa is a place where you can receive great knowledge, work on amazing projects and with big clients, meet experts and be surrounded by people who are willing to share their experiences, know how to be supportive and motivate you to always move forward.

The internship program has brought into our team some amazing people which have, thanks to the experience in the agency, chosen a profession and found a place where they want to perfect their skills, and the agency got some dedicated, talented team members who are always willing to learn. During 2016, some 30 interns went through our program, in Serbia alone, and the number of applications is growing by the year.

The HR sector is always interested to see what motivates people to apply to our internship program, go through all the selection levels and be a part of our team for 3 months.

„There are many roads, so the right choice matters. The digital world is where we are currently living, working and operating and it has become our reality. In my opinion, I&F McCann Grupa is one of the best communication systems in the region. I would say that I&F McCann Grupa’s building is a place of contemporary knowledge. There, the information doesn’t flow, the information flies in the air, waiting for you to take it, empowering you to learn fast. The integration of people here is what makes everything run. Everyone gives their maximum and contributes, and the expertise they posses along with the advice they give, which mean the world – gives me thrills. It is why I am a part of this team today! I sincerely look forward to every new project and every new challenge. Once you come here, you never want to leave”, says Aleksandar Trajković, an intern at the Web Administration position at Drive, about his motives.

When choosing an intern, the key criteria are the level of motivation a person is showing and the will to acquire new knowledge in our system. One of the important factors is that the intern sees the agency as an opportunity to develop and improve, but also if there is a position he/she wants to reach, a team he/she wants to join, or a client he/she would want to work with.

Marija Mandinić, employed as a Digital Media Planner at UM, entered our system through the internship program: “In a year I see myself at the position of an Online Media Account Manager in a media agency. I would like to work for a client which is a leader in its category”.

We use every opportunity to talk to students of various colleges and present them I&F McCann Grupa as an employer, because our experience working with students and the internship program has assured us that the young people use the opportunity we give them in the right way, also the fresh energy and knowledge, which a new intern brings to the team, is a refreshment which always gives great results.

Author: Lana Andrić-Šaranović, HR Manager of I&F McCann Grupa

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